Essays and Nonfiction


Below is a selection of nonfiction books, essays, book reviews, and interviews. (For interviews with me, rather than ones I’ve conducted, see the Reviews & Interviews page.)

A significant body of my nonfiction writing is the 50 columns I wrote for Strange Horizons between February 2005 and May 2012. There’s no simple link to them all, but this link goes to all of my writings for Strange Horizons. Another body of work is the Sandman Meditations published by Boomtron, where I made my way through every issue of the original run of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, ultimately creating more a body of personal essays than a set of critical analyses. I also write brief film reviews mostly for my own reference at Letterboxd.

Essays related to teaching and pedagogy can be found at my other website, Finite Eyes.


Note: Linkrot has set in. The links to items at Indiewire/Press Play are currently being updated; many are completely unavailable, but I hope to have them replicated on The Mumpsimus soon.